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photo of Sue Geldart
  • Sue Geldart
  • Teaching Professor Emeritus
  • Ph.D University of Rhode Island 1998

Research Interests: Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Education, HPLC

I received a B.S in Chemistry from the University of Massachusetts in 1984 and a Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1998 from the University of Rhode Island. My previous employment experiences included working as an analytical chemist at Purdue University, Pacific Northwest National laboratory, and as an application chemist at Bourne Scientific. The main focus of my work involved HPLC method development.

I began teaching in the Chemistry Department at URI in 2002. I currently teach Chemistry 101 and Chemistry 112. In addition to lecturing, I also supervise and develop the curriculum for many of the undergraduate laboratories in our department, including both semesters of general chemistry labs and the sophomore level organic chemistry labs.

My teaching interests involve updating the current curriculum in our undergraduate courses to better prepare our students for careers in science. These modifications include the introduction of new instrumentation and computers in our undergraduate laboratories, better access to notes and other instructional materials through the web and the development of programs to help at risk students succeed in chemistry based courses.