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photo of Mike McGregor
  • Mike McGregor
  • Beaupre 117D
  • Teaching Professor
  • (401) 874-2823
  • Ph.D University of Rhode Island

Academic Scholarship: Analytical and Organic, NMR

Current research interests include applications of solution NMR to problems in carcinogenesis, and in organic, medicinal, polymer, forensic, environmental, and analytical chemistry.

Teaching interests include developing demonstrations and curriculum materials suitable for large lecture classes in general, organic, and environmental chemistry, and developing instructional materials for teaching NMR in the lab and integrating NMR into the graduate and undergraduate curriculum.

For over twenty years the URI NMR Research Lab has been providing applications support to researchers at URI and collaborating institutions. We have produced a steady stream of successful solutions to a wide variety of chemical problems, while developing the skills of our students. Professionals from the U.S. and around the world have participated in our intensive laboratory courses in NMR Concepts and Operating Techniques, and Interpretation of NMR spectra, which we offer in conjunction with the NMR Concepts organization