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Kiesewetter Group Equipment

We specialize in synthetic polymer chemistry, catalysis and organic chemistry. We perform most manipulations in an air-free environment, either in a glovebox or Schlenk ware. We have one dual user glovebox, and each student has their own fume hood.


This is our dual user MBraun Labstar glovebox. The box is equipped with freezer, solvent vapor trap, O2 and moisture analyzers, and gloves that scare the custodial staff

Student desk space is just outside the lab, allowing you to watch your reaction and tap on the glass to get your lab mate to come over.

State-of-the-art fume hood space available for each student equipped with hot plate, air free Schlenk manifolds and special gas lines for a wide variety of organic synthesis techniques.   

Far left is an oven used to dry glass ware and other apparatus used for moisture free chemistry. We currently use the Agilent 1260 Infinity gel-permeation chromatograph (middle). It is equipped with autosampler, temperature controlled 30mm column compartment, multi-wavelength UV detector, RI detector, and a high-performance pump. We are currently running in DCM and are calibrated against PS from 500 g/mol to 3,000,000 g/mol. On the right we have the HPLC equipped with autosampler, temperature controlled compartment with a chiral technologies chiral column. 

An Innovative Technology PS-MD-3 solvent purification system under nitrogen atmosphere with the capacity to hold three 20L kegs of solvents: dichloromethane, tetrahydrofuran and toluene. 

A Buchi B-585 glass oven vacuum distillation apparatus used in purification of catalysts and other substrates. Vacuum is attached to the air-free Schlenk line along with heating capacity from room temperature to 200°C.

We have a new Fisher Scientific vacuum oven and on the right is a 'vintage' Fisher Scientific vacuum oven was acquired through anonymous donation in the middle of the evening. The heating element works, proving that they don't make them like they used to.

Schlenk manifold assembled with a liquid nitrogen trap.

This 'Mr. Coffee' drip brew coffee maker is equipped with such fine features as 'timed start', 'auto-off', 'drip-stop brewing' and 'clock'

Other Equipment used Frequently by the Kiesewetter Group

Students routinely use the Bruker Avance 300 MHz and 400 MHz NMR spectrometers.


A Shimadzu Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC-60 Plus used to obtain thermal data (melting temperature, crystallization temperature, glass transition temperature etc) on polymeric and other materials. Cooling is also provided up to -70°C with liquid nitrogen.

A Shimadzu Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA-50 used to observe mass loss and degradation of materials with respect to temperature under nitrogen atmosphere.