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  • Justin Pratt
  • Beaupre 425F
  • Assistant Professor
  • (401) 874-2340
  • Ph.D. Miami University

Research Interests: Chemistry Education Research, Inorganic Chemistry

Justin Pratt is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Education in the Department of Chemistry. He joined the University of Rhode Island's faculty in 2022.

Justin received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Miami University (Oxford, Ohio) with a focus on Chemistry Education Research. He also has a B.S. in Chemistry and a B.S. in Education from Southeast Missouri State University. In his spare time, Justin enjoys cooking, reading, and being outdoors.

Justin's scholarly background is in Chemistry Education Research (CER) and inorganic chemistry. CER is a branch of discipline-based education research (DBER) focused on understanding how to improve teaching and learning within the chemical discipline. Pratt's research interests are wide ranging and include understanding how faculty members make decisions about their instructional practices, how to best use animations and multimedia to support learning, how chemistry is taught in informal settings (chemistry outreach), as well as pedagogies best for laboratory learning experiences. Investigations in CER and DBER include a variety of qualitative methods (e.g., interviews & surveys), quantitative methods (e.g., statistics), as well as theories developed in educational psychology, sociology, and science education.

Many projects in CER can be customized and tailored to student interests and career goals. If you are interested in CER or want to learn more, check out our research group website and/or reach out to me over email or stop by my office. 

Education & Training
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Department of Chemistry, University of South Florida
Ph.D., Chemistry, Miami University
Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics, Miami University
Graduate Certificate in College Teaching, Miami University
B.S., Chemistry & Education, Southeast Missouri State University

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