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photo of Fang Wang
  • Fang Wang
  • Beaupre 325C
  • Assistant Professor
  • (401) 874-4243
  • Ph.D. University of Southern California

Research Interests: organic chemistry and chemical biology

The Wang laboratory leverages organic chemistry to develop new functional molecular tools to study otherwise intractable problems in medicine and biology.

Specifically, guided by principles in physical organic chemistry, our research focuses on synthesizing various small molecules for direct biological and pharmaceutical applications.

Students in the Wang laboratory will receive rigorous training in both physical organic chemistry and synthetic organic chemistry. Research projects are interdisciplinary in nature, which allows trainees to interact with researchers in other fields, including biophysics and cancer biology. In this way, laboratory members will develop a broad skill set in chemical biology and will be well equipped to collaborate with researchers from a range of scientific backgrounds in the future.

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