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photo of Cindy McGregor-Graham
  • Cindy McGregor-Graham
  • Beaupre 117A
  • Teaching Professor
  • (401) 874-2028
  • Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Research Interests: Biochemistry, Chemical Education

I'm an instructional development specialist with expertise in both interactive-classroom and technology-based teaching methods.

My professional career has included teaching as an Associate Professor of Biochemistry (in what has grown to become Georgia's leading undergraduate chemistry degree program), formulating consumer products in Procter & Gamble's Far East technical center, teaching Engineering Experimental Design to international students throughout Europe and Asia, and developing web-based training, distance learning, and interactive classroom courses for P&G's global community of scientists and engineers.

In the classroom, I draw from these diverse experiences in both academia and industry to provide an application-based learning environment that is intended to build critical thinking skills while demonstrating the crucial importance of chemistry to my engineering, textile, health, and biological sciences students.

I'm also deeply committed to engaging and enabling as teachers our chemistry and pharmacy graduate students, not only to grow their effectiveness as teaching assistants, but also to equip them with the skills they'll need to thrive as leaders and mentors in their own professional careers.

(Dr. Brittain is pictured holding an original work of art created by URI Nursing student Ashley Napolitano. The painting was inspired by a lecture demonstration on the solubility of organic compounds.)

Dr. Graham Brittain received the College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Excellence Award 2010