Teknor-Apex Lab

Teknor-Apex Laboratory

The Teknor-Apex lab is a shared instrument facility within the Chemistry Department, which houses a suite of modern analytical instrumentation. This is a hands-on facility where graduate and undergraduate students are the primary users.

Available instrumentation includes:

  • Bruker Avance III 300 NMR spectrometer: this 300 MHz spectrometer is equipped with an autosampler, a variable temperature accessory, and multinuclear probes.
  • Bruker Avance III HD NMR spectrometer: this 400 MHz spectrometer is equipped with an autosampler and a variable temperature accessory and is primarily used for proton and carbon spectra.
  • Bruker EMX EPR spectrometer: this X-band instrument has both a frequency counter and a gaussmeter.
  • Shimadzu LCMS-2020: this liquid chromatograph has an autosampler and dual detectors: a mass spectrometer and a diode array uv-vis spectrometer.
  • Shimadzu GCMS-QP2020: this gas chromatograph has an autosampler and two modes of mass detection, EI or CI.

  • Shimadzu BID-2010 Plus: this gas chromatograph has an autosampler and a universal Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector (BID).
  • Shimadzu DSC-60 Plus: this differential scanning calorimeter is equipped with a refrigerator to allow measurements down to about 100 K or to as high as 700 K.
  • Shimadzu TGA-50: this thermal gravimetric analyzer has microgram sensitivity from room temperature to 500 Celcius.
  • Thermonicolet FTIR spectrometer: this mid-IR spectrometer is equipped with a diamond ATR sampler for simple measurement of both liquids and powders.
  • Shimadzu UV-3600 Plus: this UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer has a spectral range from 190 nm to 3000 nm and has an integrating sphere detector for diffuse reflection measurements.
  • Shimadzu RF 6000: this steady state fluorescence spectrometer is equipped with an integrating sphere allowing for determination of absolute quantum yields.