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photo of Louis J. Kirschenbaum
  • Louis J. Kirschenbaum
  • Beaupre 485
  • Professor Emeritus of Chemistry
  • (401) 874-2340
  • Ph.D. Brandeis University

Research Interests: Inorganic/Analytical

My major research interests are in the area of highly reactive species, including biologically active free radicals, explosives and metals in unusual oxidation states. Much of our work with "hypervalent metal ions" has included mechanistic and equilibrium studies employing the stopped-flow technique. Our free radical research includes the production of radicals by photochemical or sonochemical means. ESR, including spin trapping, and spectrofluorimetry are among the methods employed for following the production and fate of free radicals. Much of our recent work has concentrated on the photochemistry of textiles and human hair (including their components) and the interaction of hair with explosives. Current collaborative ESR projects include complexing organic radicals, decomposition of peroxide based energetic materials and metal dependent enzyme activity/inhibition.

Worshipful Society of Dyers Research Medalist 2003