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photo of Jiyeon Kim
  • Jiyeon Kim
  • Beaupre 374D
  • Associate Professor
  • (401) 874-2143
  • Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests: Analytical Chemistry, Nanoelectrochemistry

Our research program encompasses fundamental principles in material, biology and nanoelectrochemical technologies for the sustainable energy and human health care. Mainly, our research is focused on understanding and utilizing the interplay between the materials or between material and biology in nanoelectrochemical systems. Newly developed nanoscale scanning electrochemical microscopy is employed to quantitatively understand the electron transports in microbial fuel cell, the electrocatalytic activity of individual-level nanocatalysts in fuel cells , and the bacterial drug resistance at a single bacterium cell level.

We are also interested in exploring a new avenue of high throughput biomedical analysis for the multiple ions with physical importance in the blood samples, and of versatile nanoelectrochemical sensors using nanoemulsions by stochastic nanoelectrochemistry.

With a combination of experimental and theoretical approaches, we can also achieve a comprehensive understanding of important processes in the corresponding research programs as well as general problems in electrochemisty related with diffusion and kinetic processes at microscale environment. Our work has highly collaborative nature with interfacing several disciplines.

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