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photo of Brett Lucht
  • Brett Lucht
  • Beaupre 374F
  • Professor of Chemistry
  • (401) 874-5071
  • Ph.D. Cornell University

Research Interests: Organic/Materials, Energy Storage

My research is in the broad area of organic materials chemistry.

My primary research interest is on the development of novel electrolytes for lithium ion batteries. Much of this research is focused on improving the performance of electrolytes for electric vehicles. We are investigating electrolytes designed to perform over a wide temperature range (-30 oC to 50 oC), wide electrochemical potential window (0 - 5 V vs Li) and be stable in the presence of different electrode materials.

Our research has several focus areas including the preparation of novel salts, solvents and additives. We test the performance of the novel electrolyte in small cells and investigate the mechanism of reaction of the electrolyte with the surface of the electrode materials. Upon developing an understanding of the performance limiting reactions of the electrolyte, we modify the formulation to optimize performance. Some of the areas that we are currently investigating include: extending the calendar life of lithium ion batteries, improving the performance of novel high capacity or high voltage electrode materials, and developing a non-flammable electrolyte

Professor Lucht received the URI Foundation Scholarly Excellence Award, 2016