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URI Department of Chemistry Request for Permission Numbers for Fall, 2022

Welcome to the URI Department of Chemistry permission-number request site. Here, you can apply for a permission number to add labs and lectures.


  1. More closed lab and lecture sections may be added to this Permission-Number List at any time.
  2. Before using this Permission Number List, check eCampus to see if you can register directly.
  3. LAB STUDENTS: To use this Permission Number List, you must first complete the URI Chemistry Department’s online safety training module, which can be accessed by clicking “Safety Training” below.

Once you have addressed the items listed above, select the lab or lecture of interest from one of the drop-down menus below, then press “Next”.

Chemistry Lab Section List
Select a Fall, 2022, Lab Course Code from the drop-down menu below:

Chemistry Lecture and Independent Study List
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