In the News: Faculty

In the News: Faculty

Image of Lab Laser

Assistant Professor Dugan Hayes among URI researchers awarded funds for training undergrads in nanosecond laser spectroscopy.

Photo of Jay Kim
Assistant Professor Jiyeon (Jay) Kim joins others in an investigation of mouth bacteria.

Photo of Lab PlateAssociate Professor Jason Dwyer collaborates on fast, accurate test to verify purity of pharmaceutical heparin.
Professor Dwyer wins innovation award for single-molecule sensing work.
In Spectroscopy, Professor Dwyer discusses using nanopore sensors to study therapeutic polysaccharides.

Image of Prof. Oxley and Postdoc G. Kagan preparing demo for video production
Professor Jimmie Oxley is featured on CBS for her work with TSA on threat detection and mitigation.

Delve into Associate Professor Matt Kiesewetter’s work on Interdisciplinary Research to Save the Bees.

Professor Brett Lucht comments on Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Work with Lithium-Ion Batteries.
Professor Lucht discusses work to improve EV driving range at low temperatures in electrek and with ABC News