photo of Brenton DeBoef
Brenton DeBoef
Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., Washington University
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Organometallic Catalysis
office phone: 401-874-9480

The overarching goal of our research program is the development of new approaches to organic synthesis. This can be accomplished in two ways: 1) by inventing new synthetic transformations, and 2) by developing new synthetic routes to interesting target molecules. Specifically, we are harnessing and expand the emerging technology of C-H activation. In so doing, we intend to discover expedient, cost-effective, and routes to valuable commodity chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

A second goal of our work is the synthesis and analysis of organometallic complexes that can be use for biomedical imaging. The ultimate goal of this research program is the development of new diagnostic tools that can be used by medical doctors.

Finally, we are interested in developing new technology and educational tools in the field of green chemistry. This is done by the invention of new reactions in our research laboratory and by the incorporation of new experiments in the educational laboratories at URI.

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