The Forensic Science Partnership, which is the catalyst for the Forensic Science programs at the University of Rhode Island, includes faculty from a variety of departments and colleges.


Dennis Hilliard RI State Crime Laboratory
Jimmie Oxley Chemistry
James Smith Chemistry
Christopher Brown Chemistry
Louis Kirschenbaum Chemistry
Everett Crisman Engineering
Otto J. Gregory Engineering
Michael Platek Engineering
Don Hermes Geology
Jon Boothroyd Geology
James Quinn Oceanography
Nelson Smith Psychology
Sue Boatright-Horowitz Psychology
Linda Welters Textiles
Martin Bride Textiles
Margaret Ordonez Textiles
Lenore Martin Pharmacology & Biological Science
Bongsup Cho Pharmacology & Biological Science
Greg Paquette Pharmacology & Biological Science
Clint Chichester Pharmacology & Biological Science
William Sullivan Plant Sciences
Victor Fay-Wolfe Computer Science
William Turnbaugh Anthropology
Richard Gould Anthropology (Brown University)