Introduction to Explosives: Rhode Island Attractions

"South County, RI - one of the 12 best places to vacation in North America." Money Magazine

Newport is famous for its American castles--the Vanderbilt's Breakers (the house has a 1 acre footprint) and Marble House; the Astors (where docents dress and act in period) and the favorite movie set--Rose Cliff. There are at least 9 houses open for daily tour. Newport is also the "traditional" home of the America's Cup, and many sailing ventures are offered. See the sites:

South County (the whole southern part of the state) is famous for its beaches and lighthouses and for one of the most active fishing ports in the U.S.--Galilee (the hub of the Block Island ferry and right across the water from Jerusalem). The hotels designated in Narragansett (South County) are all within sight of the famous towers.

University of Rhode Island maintains a complete website for parents and visitors of attractions, restaurants, and hotels.

Note URI Graduation is May 17th; so accommodations will begin to fill.