Selected Publications of William Euler

  • Elizabeth Kohr, Buddini I. Karawdeniya, Jason R. Dwyer, William B. Euler  A Comparison of SERS and MEF of Rhodamine 6G on a Gold Substrate  Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.  201719, 27074 – 27080   Abstract
  • Matthew Mullen, William B. Euler  The Influence of Interfacial Effects on the Photophysics of Rhodamine 6G Thin Films on a Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Surface  Langmuir  201733, 2194 – 2204   Abstract
  • Mingyu Chapman, Matthew Mullen, Elsa Novoa-Ortega, Mona Alhasani, James F. Elman, William B. Euler  Structural Evolution of Ultrathin Films of Rhodamine 6G on Glass  J. Phys. Chem. C  2016120, 8289 – 8297   Abstract
  • Hui Qi Zhang, William B. Euler  Detection of Gas-Phase Explosive Analytes Using Fluorescent Spectroscopy of Thin Films of Xanthene Dyes  Sens. & Actuat. B: Chem.  2016225, 553 – 562   Abstract
  • Sangmin You, Christopher A. Latendresse, Syrena C. Fernandes, Kathleen M. Sullivan, William B. Euler  Detection of Dinitrotoluene Isomers Using Reactions With Bases: A Structural, Spectroscopic, Kinetic, and Computational Study  Sens. & Actuat. B: Chem.  2015216, 165 – 175   Abstract
  • Daniel M. Seo, Stefanie Reininger, Mary Kutcher, Kaitlin Redmond, William B. Euler, Brett L. Lucht  Role of Mixed Solvation and Ion Pairing in the Solution Structure of Lithium Ion Battery Electrolytes  J. Phys. Chem. C  2015119, 14038 – 14046   Abstract
  • Christopher A. Latendresse, Syrena C. Fernandes, Sangmin You, Hui Qi Zhang, William B. Euler  A Fluorometric Sensing Array for the Detection of Military Explosives and IED Materials  Anal. Methods  20135, 5457 – 5463   Abstract
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