Selected Publications of William Euler

  • Mona Alhasani, Anju Gupta, William B. Euler  Modulation of the Fluorescent Properties of Rhodamine 6G by Zn2+-Doped PVDF Films  J. Luminesc.  2018196, 116 – 125   Abstract
  • Elizabeth Kohr, Buddini I. Karawdeniya, Jason R. Dwyer, William B. Euler  A Comparison of SERS and MEF of Rhodamine 6G on a Gold Substrate  Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.  201719, 27074 – 27080   Abstract
  • Matthew Mullen, William B. Euler  The Influence of Interfacial Effects on the Photophysics of Rhodamine 6G Thin Films on a Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Surface  Langmuir  201733, 2194 – 2204   Abstract
  • Hui Qi Zhang, William B. Euler  Detection of Gas-Phase Explosive Analytes Using Fluorescent Spectroscopy of Thin Films of Xanthene Dyes  Sens. & Actuat. B: Chem.  2016225, 553 – 562   Abstract
  • Mingyu Chapman, Matthew Mullen, Elsa Novoa-Ortega, Mona Alhasani, James F. Elman, William B. Euler  Structural Evolution of Ultrathin Films of Rhodamine 6G on Glass  J. Phys. Chem. C  2016120, 8289 – 8297   Abstract
  • Sangmin You, Christopher A. Latendresse, Syrena C. Fernandes, Kathleen M. Sullivan, William B. Euler  Detection of Dinitrotoluene Isomers Using Reactions With Bases: A Structural, Spectroscopic, Kinetic, and Computational Study  Sens. & Actuat. B: Chem.  2015216, 165 – 175   Abstract
  • Christopher A. Latendresse, Syrena C. Fernandes, Sangmin You, Hui Qi Zhang, William B. Euler  A Fluorometric Sensing Array for the Detection of Military Explosives and IED Materials  Anal. Methods  20135, 5457 – 5463   Abstract
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