2017-2018 Academic Year Seminars
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Sep 25, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Marry Watson
U. Delaware
Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling Reactions of Alkyl Amine and Alcohol Derivatives Mindy LevineBeaupre 105
Sep 27, 2017
(Wed) 2:00PM
Christopher Doona
Natick Research Center, US Army
‘NCC, ‘PCS, ‘D-FEND ALL’, ‘FDKs’, and ‘CoD’: An Ensemble of Novel Chemical Technologies for the Military Louis KirschenbaumBeaupre 105
Sep 29, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Ken Zercie
CT State Crim Lab (ret)
The Crime Scene: Where Forensic Science Starts Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Oct 2, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Ava Cagan
Remote Sampling and Detection of Explosive Traces Using Mobility Spectroscopy Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Oct 6, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Sean Boyce
US Postal Inspector
The Pony Express Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Oct 13, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Danny Sendroff
Senior Special Agent ICE
Facial Recognition & Machine-Readable Zone of Identity Documents Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Oct 16, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
William Stwalley
Univ. Connecticuit
High Resolution Spectroscopy of Long-Range “Trilobite-Like” States of Ultracold Rb2 Molecules Sze YangBeaupre 105
Oct 20, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Bob Hathaway
RI State Crime Lab (ret)
Firearms & Tool Marks: The Martin Luther King Case Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Oct 23, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Shigeru Amemiya
U. Pittsburgh
TBA Jay KimBeaupre 105
Oct 27, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Jack Levin
Extreme Killing: Understanding Serial and Mass Murder Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Oct 30, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Murali C. Cherukuri
TBA Louis KirschenbaumBeaupre 105
Nov 3, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Ray Handel
Uniformed Services University
Clinical Consequences from Exposure to Chemical Explosives Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Nov 6, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Christian Schafmeister
Temple Univ
TBA Mindy LevineBeaupre 105
Nov 10, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Dan Greenfield
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
The Great American Opioid Explosion Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Nov 15, 2017
(Wed) 3:00PM
Dalibor Sames
Columbia U
TBA Brenton DeBoefBeaupre 105
Nov 17, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Steven Medeiros
A Day in the Life of an FBI Agent Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Nov 20, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Matthew Kieswetter
TBA Sze YangBeaupre 105
Nov 24, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci

THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY - No Seminar Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Nov 27, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
James Whitten
UMass Lowell
Metal Oxide Surface Chemistry and Optochemical Sensing Jason DwyerBeaupre 105
Dec 1, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Thomas Blackwell
The Fentanyl Tale Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Dec 4, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Timothy Swager
TBA Matt KiesewetterBeaupre 105
Dec 8, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Tim White
Organized Crime in New England & the Great Bonded Vault Heist Jimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Dec 11, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Laura Pence
Univ Hartford
Activism and Advocacy at the Intersection of Science and Policy Mindy LevineBeaupre 105
Feb 5, 2018
(Mon) 3:00PM
Robert B. Grubbs
Stony Brooks Univ
TBA Brett LuchtBeaupre 105
Apr 30, 2018
(Mon) 3:00PM

Student Award Ceremony TBABeaupre 105
Sep 8, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Dennis Hilliard
RI State Crime Lab
CSI@URIJimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Sep 11, 2017
(Mon) 3:00PM
Richard Foote
Triumvirate Environmental
Prudent Laboratory Practices and Laboratory Waste ManagementAndy ClaphamBeaupre 105
Sep 15, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Eric Gahagan
Mass Bomb Squad (ret)
Extreme ForensicsJimmie OxleyBeaupre 105
Sep 22, 2017
(Fri) 3:30PM
Forensic Sci
Priya Banerjee
RI Medical Examiner
Overview of Death Investigation and Forensic PathologyJimmie OxleyBeaupre 105