URI Department of Chemistry Permission Number List


The procedure for using the URI Department of Chemistry Permission Number List has been changed, and the Permission Number List is not active at this time.

The Permission Number List is tentatively scheduled for activation Monday, January 22, 2018*.

Until that date, please register for Chemistry courses through e-Campus.

Special note for CHM 226 students:

    Through Sunday, December 10, 2017, CHM 226 registration will be done by permission numbers allocated to advisors: PharmD students should see Denise Gorenski; CELS students who are seniors graduating in May, 2018, should see Kim Anderson.

    After December 10, registration for CHM 226 will require signing up using the Permission Number List.

After Monday, January 22, a limited number of spaces may become available and these will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis via the Permission Number List.

Please check back frequently for updates to this page.

NOTE: All Chemistry students are required to attend Safety Training during the first week of labs. Failure to attend safety training will disqualify you from taking a Chemistry lab.

NOTE: Chemistry labs start the first week of classes.

* The schedule for the Permission Number List may change without notice so please check this site regularly.